Cut-to-order cables

We also offer our common and best-selling cables in cut-to-order lenghts for your own assembly. You can freely choose the lengths and our cutting service is of course free of charge.

HEDI Gummi-Leitung Meterware

Cut-to-order PVC cable (H05VV-F)

3G1.0 in black (Art. no. KK310)

3G1.5 in black (Art. no. KK315)

3G1.5 in red (Art. no. KK31501)

HEDI Meterware

Cut-to-order rubber cable (H05RR-F)

3G1.0 in black (Art. no. GK315)

3G2.5 in black (Art. no. GK325)

HEDI Neopren-Gummi-Leitung H07RN-F

Cut-to-toder neoprene-rubber-cable (H07RN-F)

The neoprene-rubber-cable (H07RN-F) cut-to-order-length in red is available with individual cable print.

3G1.5 in black (Art. no. NK315)

3G1.5 in red (Art. no. NK31501)

3G2.5 in black (Art. no. NK325)

3G2.5 in red (Art. no. NK32501)

5G1.5 in black (Art. no. NK515)

5G2,5 in black (Art. no. NK525)

5G4.0 in black (Art. no. NK540)

5G6.0 in black (Art. no. NK560)

HEDI Panzerkabel orange
HEDI Panzerkabel grün
HEDI Panzerkabel gelb
HEDI Panzerkabel blau

Cut-to-order HEDI armoured cable PLUS (H07BQ-F)

The polyurethane cables from HEDI are extremely robust and abrasion-resistant. You can get this cut-to-order line in 4 different colours (orange, yellow, green, blue) and also with individual cable printing on request.

3G1.5 in orange (Art. no. PU315)

3G1.5 in yellow (Art. no. PU315020)

3G1,5 in green (Art. no. PU315020)

3G1.5 in blue (Art. no. PU315060)

3G2.5 in orange (Art. no. PU325)

3G2.5 in yellow (Art. no. PU325020)

3G2,5 in geen (Art. no. PU325030)

3G2.5 in blue (Art. no. PU325060)

5G1.5 in orange (Art. no. PU515)

5G2.5 in orange (Art. no. PU525)

HEDI Panzerkabel K35 Meterware

Cut-to-order HEDI armoured cable (K35 / AT-N07V3V3-F)

HEDI armoured cables are extremely robust and widely used, especially in Austria. On request, you can also receive this cable by the metre with individual cable printing.

3G1.5 in yellow (Art. no. PK315)

3G2.5 in yellow (Art. no. PK325)

5G1.5 in yellow (Art. no. PK515)

5G2.5 in yellow (Art. no. PK525)

Cable printing

This cable reel is mine!

With your individual Cable printing you combine protection against thefts with the possibility of longlasting advertising by individual cable labeling. As the lettering is etched directly into the cable jacket, it is extremely abrasion-proof.

FAQ: cut-to-order cables

What is the minimum purchase quantity for cut-to-order-lengths?

You can get cable cuttings from HEDI from one metre up to several kilometres. You are free to choose the length and type of cable. The minimum order quantity for cable cuttings is therefore one metre.

What is a cut-to-order length?

Cable cuttings are often also called metre goods. HEDI provides you with individually cut cable of various types. The length corresponds entirely to your requirements. At HEDI, you receive both power cables as cable cuttings and other cable types. Wires, coaxial cables, control cables and other cables are assembled in our cable assembly department. Cable assembly konfektioniert.

How is cable cutting shipped?

For easy transport, large quantities of metres are wound onto a disposable wooden drum (from 200 metres 3G1.5 and from 100 metres 3G2.5) and shipped. Shipping is uncomplicated for small cable quantities.

Is cable printing possible for cable cutting?

Yes, HEDI also offers individual cable labelling for cable blanks. The printing colour of the cable printing is black. All cables, except black cables, can be printed.

HEDI Katalog Prospekt

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