LED workbench luminaire in unique design

LED workbench luminaire ML1209FLED

Always keep an eye on the big picture. View the illuminated area or object directly through the LED workbench luminaire head and thus avoid cast shadows on the illuminated workpiece. Three different brightness levels are available for optimal lighting.

Three different light levels

Flexible in use

Innovative design

Lamp head with three joints

Three ways to position the LED workbench luminaire perfectly and find the best illumination.

Shadow-free inspection of the object directly through the LED luminaire head

Three different light levels

adjustable to remain flexible at work.

HEDI LED-Werkbankleuchte ML1209FLED

Grenzenlos flexibel - mit der HEDI LED Werkbankleuchte!

View the illuminated spot or object directly through the LED luminaire head. Three different brightness levels are available to guarantee optimal illumination. The three joints and the 60 cm long flexible tube make it possible for the workbench light to assume any position. This makes it the specialist in laboratories, for precision work and on workbenches.

3 light levels:

100% (750 Lumen)

60% (450 Lumen)

35% (263 Lumen)

Light color: 6,500 K

Illuminance (1 meter):

100% - 302 Lux

60% - 178 Lux

35% - 108 Lux

Beam angle 160°

Protection class II

Length of flexible hose: 600 mm

Item number: ML1209FLED

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Smaller base, stronger magnet (holding force of new magnet 320 N, holding force of previous magnet 150 N) and improved release mechanism.

Downloads for this product

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Im Moment gibts noch nichts zu sehen...

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Supplied with each HEDI workbench ans machine luminaire:

The standard scope of delivery of our machine and workbench lights includes the solidly screwed magnet in the base of the luminaire, the table clamp and four screws for direct mounting on a workbench. The combination of magnet and table clamp enables the lamp to be used in a highly flexible manner.

HEDI Tischklemme für Maschinenleuchten

Table clamp

Thanks to the table clamp, the machine lamp can be attached to tables, workbenches or drawing tables without leaving any residue. Since the upper plate of the table clamp is made of metal, the machine lamp is simply placed on it. Everything is securely held together by the integrated magnet in the machine lamp.

HEDI Leuchtensockel Maschinenleuchte

Holding magnet

Im Magnetfuß der Maschinenleuchte ist ein starker Magnet eingeschraubt. Dadurch wird nicht nur eine einfache Befestigung auf der mitgelieferten Tischklemme ermöglicht, sondern auch die direkte, rückstandslose Anbringung an Maschinen, Werkzeugkästen und ähnlichen metallischen Oberflächen ermöglicht. Sollte der Magnet einmal stören, muss nur eine Schraube entfernt werden - schon kann der Magnet herausgenommen werden.

HEDI Leuchtensockel Maschinenleuchte


Im Lieferumfang enthalten sind vier Schrauben (Spanplatte 4,0 x 50) zur direkten Montage der Maschinenleuchte auf der Werkbank. Durch die Versenkung der Schrauben in den Bohrkanälen der Leuchte ist eine unsichtbare Verschraubung möglich - gleichzeitig vermeidet man so auch, dass man versehentlich am Schraubenkopf hängen bleibt.

HEDI Tischklemme mit Magnet


The table clamp can be ordered as an accessory. For example, you can equip several workplaces with the brackets at low cost and swap the machine and workbench lights back and forth as required. Thanks to the tool-free attachment via the holding magnet, this can be done quickly and easily.

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HEDI LED workbench light: frequently asked questions

What is a workbench lamp?

An LED workbench luminaire is used at workbenches and workstations to illuminate the work area. With the table clamp and the magnetic base, the workbench lamp can be attached to any workbench.

What is a LED workbench luminaire used for?

The HEDI LED workbench luminaire with the unique see-through is optimally used wherever workpieces need to be processed without shadows. For example, for filigree repair work, manual work or arts and crafts.

Which accessories are suitable for the LED work light HEDI LED Light?

For the workbench luminaire, the holding magnet embedded in the base is available as spare part A second table clamp is also advisable in order to be able to use the luminaire flexibly on several workbenches. A table clamp is included with every LED workbench light.

Is the light source of the LED workbench luminaire replaceable?

No, the light source of the LED workbench light is not replaceable.

Is the ballast of the LED machine light LED pro! replaceable?

Yes, the ballast unit can be replaced by a qualified electrician. You will find instructions for replacement under the Downloads for this product or under the Operating instructions.

Is the HEDI LED workbench luminaire dimmable?

Yes, the LED workbench light from HEDI is dimmable. A total of three different brightness levels are available.