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HEDI energy distributors

HEDI energy distributors: Robust, durable and practically indestructible

The HEDI energy distributors for use in industry, on construction sites and in workshops offer numerous assembly options thanks to the sophisticated design concept. Choose from variants with three-phase sockets, AC sockets, LED modules, compressed air and even IT connections (CAT BTR 6). Optimum safety is also ensured: energy distributors with built-in fuses and personal protection devices round off the range.

HEDI Hersteller Steckdosenverteiler Made in Germany

Overview over the different HEDI energy distributors

Robust HEDI socket distributors made of solid rubber or plastic

Robust socket distributor that can be used both mobile and stationary. Available in three-phase versions with16 A or 32 A.

Suspended energy distributor HEDI e.STATION

The HEDI suspended power distributor, with a large number of socket outlets and variants, in a compact housing size.

Mobile energy distributor HEDI m.STATION

Impact-resistant, robust and practically indestructible. The HEDI m.STATION is made for use in construction, trade and industry.

Energy distributors: Frequently asked questions

What is a energy distributor?

In a energy distributor, the available operating voltage is distributed to several sockets. A wide variety of combinations are possible, both in three-phase current and in alternating current.

Are there energy distributors with compressed air connection?

Yes, in the HEDI range you will find HEDI e.STATION suspended distributors with compressed air connection or with compressed air safety coupling. A high-quality PVC industrial fabric hose (9×2.8 mm) loadable up to 12 bar is supplied for connection.

Are there combined energy distributors with AC and three-phase outputs?

Yes, the majority of our energy distributors offer a combination of AC sockets (250 V, 16 A) and CEE sockets (400 V, 5×16 A or 400 V, 5×32 A). With these distributors, power is always accessed via a CEE connection plug.

Which accesses do I need to connect the hanging suspended energy distributors?

The suspended energy distributors are ideally suited for stationary suspension in industry and workshops. The connection is made via a connection cable installed on site. This is not included in the scope of delivery for most distributors, we recommend a neoprene rubber cable (H07RN-F) or higher quality. Installation may only be carried out by a qualified electrician. For connecting the distributors to the mains, connection instructions are enclosed with each distributor. You will find information on which connection cable is required for which distributor in our catalogue. Or contact us, we will be happy to advise you on our distributors!

I am looking for a special combination of outputs. Does HEDI have energy distributors suitable for me?

The well-thought-out design concept of the energy distributors allows for numerous piece variants. We have far more distributors in our range than we can illustrate. Contact us with your specific idea and we will be happy to inform you whether we can offer your special assembly variant.

What are energy distributors used for?

Energy distributors can be used both mobile and stationary. They are often used in workshops, on construction sites or in industry.

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