Working light

Among our work lights you will find numerous hand lights, LED spotlights, our LEDCube and our LED Light. Each work light is versatile, robust and stable. Many of our work lights are also available in the rechargeable battery variant for very flexible use, whether on the construction site or in the workshop, even without power supply. Fields of application of the work light: trade, construction, industry, car workshops, inspection companies, lighting of outdoor areas and many more.

HEDI LED-Light Arbeitsleuchte
Working light with flexible base

Our Working light HEDI LED-Light is the all-rounder from our range of work lights. With variable support base, the light angle can be adjusted exactly as you need it. Thanks to the large illuminated surface with its glare-free LED ring (replaceable), the HEDI LED-light provides low-shadow and wide-area illumination. The luminaire is rounded off with a fully functional, splash-water-protected 4-way socket on the back. A work light could hardly be more fl exible.

HEDI LED Arbeitsleuchte Notlicht LEDCube
Working light with emergency light

The HEDI LEDCUBE Notlicht switches to emergency light mode if the power supply is interrupted and continues to shine for at least 2 hours.

HEDI LED Arbeitsleuchte LED Cube mit Akku Ladestandsanzeige
Working light with battery

The HEDI LEDCUBE with battery is a work light that can be operated completely on battery power for up to 4.5 hours.

HEDI Arbeitsleucht LEDCube
Working light Classic

The five different beam position of the HEDI LEDCUBE Classic can be changed quickly and easily via five differently angled side surfaces.

HEDI LED Strahler
Working light with carrying frame

The HEDI LED Spotlights are ideal for illuminating small and medium-sized rooms or outdoor areas. They convince with their bright and wide-area light. The spotlights are available with different wattages and in three different versions: With stand, in carrying frame or for wall mounting.

Akku LED-Strahler
Work light with battery

This battery working light could hardly be more flexible. It operates without a power supply via an integrated rechargeable battery, which can also be used as a power bank for other electronic devices.

HEDI LED Strahler
Working light for wall mounting

These work lights are mainly intended for mounting on walls. These spotlights are available in three different wattages.

Working light with tripod

These work lights are supplied with a tripod. One foot of the tripod can be individually adjusted to compensate for uneven surfaces.

HEDI Akku Handleuchte
rechargeable working light

Thanks to practical functions, such as the torch function, the bendable foot, holding magnets and suspension hook, this rechargeable working light can be used very flexibly.

HEDI Akku Handleuchte
Compact rechargeable working light

This rechargeable working light is the reduced version of the HEDI Komfort work light. It also has holding magnets on the back and a suspension hook.

HEDI Akku LED-Stableuchte
Working light with rechargeable battery in stick form

This Akku Arbeitsleuchte in Stabform is convenient for inspections. For example, when repairing motor vehicles.

HEDI Stableuchte
Working light with rechargeable battery in stick form

Besonders bei Inspektionen in KFZ-Werkstätten ist diese Stab-Arbeitsleuchte nicht wegzudenken.

Are you looking for accessories for your work light?

You can also get tripods, suspension aids, replacement power supplies, lamps and batteries from us.

LED Arbeitsleuchte HEDI LED Cube Aufhängung mit CableFix

Hanging aid for work light

Really clever our suspension aid HEDI CableFix for your work light, cable drum, cable and much more. Available in 3 sizes, in the XL variant loadable up to 100 kg!

INCLUDED with every HEDI LEDCube

HEDI Arbeitsleuchte LED-Light auf Stativ

Tripods for your work light

We offer tripods on which you can mount your work light. A tripod significantly increases the range of applications for a work light. A tripod adapter is required for some worklights. You can also obtain this from us on request

HEDI LED Light Ersatzleuchtmittel

Spare parts for your work light

Spare parts are available from us, especially for the HEDI LED-Light work light. These include a replaceable LED ring.

HEDI Katalog Prospekt

Discover products and offers

You can find our catalogue and all current product flyers and offers in our online catalogue portal.

Are you interested in a work light? Contact us. We will submit you to one of our trading partners located beneath you or advise you on our products.

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Working lights: frequently asked questions

How is a work light positioned and adjusted correctly?

To position a work light correctly, you should place it above or next to your work area to ensure optimal illumination by the work light. The work light should be adjusted to evenly illuminate the entire work area and avoid shadows. Brightness should be adjusted as needed to avoid overexposure or underexposure. It is important that the work light is stably fixed to prevent it from slipping or tipping over. When adjusting the work light, it should also be ensured that the light from the work light does not dazzle the eyes.

How to choose the right work light for the workshop?

When choosing the right work light for your workshop, you should pay attention to the following factors: the brightness of the work light, which is measured in lumens, the energy efficiency of the work light, and the service life of the work light's bulb. In addition, you should pay attention to the quality of the light (color temperature and color rendering index) and the robustness of the work light. An adjustable work light is also recommended, so the light can be positioned exactly where you need it. In addition, you should consider whether you want to fix the work light or use the work light flexibly.

The advantages of a HEDI work light:

  • A HEDI work light provides excellent quality of light with a high brightness
  • A HEDI work light has a long service life and are therefore cost effective
  • A HEDI work light is energy efficient and consumes little power, which helps reduce energy costs
  • A HEDI work light is robust and resistant to shocks and impacts. This is particularly advantageous in rough use and in workshops.

What accessories for a work light?

HEDI offers a wide range of accessories for your work light. Not to be missed are tripods to mount the work light on a higher position. Especially popular is also the CableFix as an accessory. With the CableFix the work light can be suspended very easily. HEDI's product range also includes numerous spare parts for lights. In some work lights the illuminant is replaceable. Replacement lamps are available from us on request. With the numerous spare parts we fulfill a high degree of sustainability.

What color temperature for a work light?

For pleasant working, we recommend a work light that produces light in daylight quality, i.e. a color temperature of 6,500 Kelvin. Almost every HEDI work light meets this requirement. Particularly pleasant light is produced by the HEDI LEDCUBE. The luminous surface is glare-free, low-shadow and the light reproduces colours true to colour.

A work light with battery?

HEDI you some work lights with rechargeable battery. We at HEDI offer you our HEDI LEDCUBE in the rechargeable battery version. You will also receive a rechargeable LED spotlight and Battery hand lamps. Work lamps with rechargeable battery is especially practical when you want to work very flexibly or when there is no power supply in rooms, or in the open air.

Which working light for interior fittings?

Für den Innenausbau empfehlen wir unsere Arbeitsleuchte HEDI LEDCUBE. Diese Leuchte erfüllt alle Anforderungen, die der Handwerker beim Innenausbau hat. Die Arbeitsleuchte ist so konzipiert, dass Farben farbecht wiedergegeben werden und dass die beleuchtete Fläche möglichst groß ist - besonders wichtig beim Streichen oder Verputzen. Die gummierten Kanten dieser Arbeitsleuchte sind günstig, um empfindliche Böden vor Beschädigungen zu schützen.