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"Made in Germany" Discover the HEDI product variety

HEDI products: cable reels, luminaires, energy distributors

Our product range offers the perfect equipment for every user. Whether for industry, on the construction site, for the craftsman or in the hobby area, HEDI products convince across the board with their outstanding functional details, the highest level of safety and outstanding quality "Made in Germany".

HEDI cable reels

HEDI Primus K1S40NTF

HEDI sheet steel cable reel Primus

Sheet steel cable reel with compact dimension and maximum security. Stable tubular steel frame for a secure stand.

HEDI Vollkunststoff-Kabeltrommel Generation 7

HEDI all-plastic cable reel Generation 7

High security and convenience. The cable reels product rethought. The all-plastic concept offers the highest level of security, an innovative design and the highest level of comfort.

HEDI Kunststoff Kabeltrommel

HEDI cable reel Professional

The big brother of the Primus. Maximum stability thanks to the continuous tubular steel frame on the foot.

Längere Kabelleitungen und -querschnitte möglich dank größerem Trommelkörper. Trommel-Ø: 290 mm

HEDI Kabeltrommel Professional Plus

HEDI cable reel Professional Plus

Extremely robust plastic cable drum with many equipment variants for special applications. Drum Ø: 320 - 450 mm

HEDI Leitungsrollerl StarLite

HEDI cable reel StarLite

The clever lightweight, fully isolated plastic cable reel equipped with many ergonomic and safety-relevant features.

HEDI Kabelbox Übersicht

HEDI cable box

The classic everyday helper. Compact, handy, robust and practical.

HEDI energy distributors

HEDI Hersteller Steckdosenverteiler Made in Germany

The HEDI energy distributors for use in industry, on construction sites and in workshops offer numerous assembly options thanks to the sophisticated design concept. Choose from variants with three-phase sockets, AC sockets, LED modules, compressed air and even IT connections (CAT BTR 6). Optimum safety is also ensured: energy distributors with built-in fuses and personal protection devices round off the range.

Overview over the different HEDI energy distributors

Robust HEDI socket distributors made of solid rubber or plastic

Robust socket distributor that can be used both mobile and stationary. Available in three-phase versions with16 A or 32 A.

Suspended energy distributor HEDI e.STATION

The HEDI suspended power distributor, with a large number of socket outlets and variants, in a compact housing size.

Mobile energy distributor HEDI m.STATION

Impact-resistant, robust and practically indestructible. The HEDI m.STATION is made for use in construction, trade and industry.

HEDI work lights

Among our work lights you will find numerous hand lights, LED spotlights, our LEDCube and our LED-Light. All lights are versatile, robust and stable. Many of our work lights are also available in the rechargeable battery version for very flexible use, whether on the construction site or in the workshop, even without a power supply.

Work light HEDI LED-Light

Our HEDI LED-Light work light is the all-rounder from our range of work lights. With variable support base, the light angle can be adjusted exactly as you need it. Thanks to the large illuminated surface with its glare-free LED ring (replaceable), the HEDI LED-light provides low-shadow and wide-area illumination. The luminaire is rounded off with a fully functional, splash-water-protected 4-way socket on the back. A work light could hardly be more fl exible.

HEDI LEDCUBE work light with emergency light

This work light switches to emergency light mode if the power supply is interrupted and continues to shine for at least 2 hours.

HEDI LEDCUBE work light with battery

The HEDI LEDCUBE with rechargeable battery is a work light that can be operated completely on battery power for up to 4.5 hours.

HEDI LEDCUBE work light Classic

The beam position of the HEDI LEDCUBE Classic work light can be changed quickly and easily via five differently angled side surfaces.

Work lights with carrying frame

The HEDI LED spotlights are ideal for illuminating small and medium-sized rooms or outdoor areas. They convince with their bright and wide-area light. The spotlights are available with different wattages and in three different versions: With stand, in carrying frame or for wall mounting.

Work lights with akku and carrying frame

This battery-operated work light could hardly be more flexible. It operates without a power supply via an integrated rechargeable battery, which can also be used as a power bank for other electronic devices.

LED-Strahler zur Wandmontage

These work lights are mainly intended for mounting on walls. These spotlights are also available in three different wattages.

LED-spotlight with tripod

These work lights are supplied with a tripod. One foot of the tripod can be individually adjusted to compensate for uneven surfaces.

Work light with battery HEDI Comfort

Thanks to practical functions, such as the torch function, the bendable foot, holding magnets and suspension hook, this rechargeable work light can be used very flexibly.

Work light with battery HEDI Kompakt

This rechargeable work light is the reduced version of the HEDI Komfort work light. It also has holding magnets on the back and a suspension hook.

Working light with rechargeable battery in stick form

This battery-operated work light in stick form is convenient for inspections. For example, when repairing motor vehicles.

Working light with rechargeable battery in stick form

Especially during inspections in car workshops, this pole work light is indispensable.

HEDI Verlängerungen

The right cable for every application.

To ensure that you are particularly protected, we are also happy to deliver the extensions with personal protection equipment installed.

HEDI Panzerkabel Plus Verlängerungsleitung
Extension cables alternating current

The extension cables in various cable qualities in the 250 V alternating current version with protective contact plug and coupling are suitable for different areas of application.

Verlängerungsleitung mit PRCD-S
Extension cables with personal protection device

The HEDI extension lines with personal protection device care for

highest safety. Available are variants with PRCD-S or with

protective elbow plug (PRCD).

HEDI Verlängerungsleitung Druckluft
Extension cables compressed air

Compressed air extension lines made of PVC fabric hose with screw cap coupling and plug-in nozzle. Loadable up to 20 bar.

HEDI Verlängerungsleitung Drehstrom
Extension cables three-phase current

The three-phase extension cables are available from 16 A to 32 A to 63 A. In addition, the cables are also available with a CEE phase reversing plug.

HEDI Spiralkabel SpiralPlus

HEDI SpiralPlus

The SprialPlus enables you to work quickly and easily without tripping over. The coiled cable with a basic length of one meter can easily be extended to a working length of five meters. When not in use, the cable contracts automatically.

HEDI Maschinenanschlussleitung

Machine connecting cable

The 2- and 3-core machine connection cables in different cable qualities and cross-sections are ideal for the quick replacement of defective machine connection cables. The connector is mounted or molded, the other end of the cable stripped and provided with wire end sleeves.

HEDI Meterware Panzerkabel

Cut-to-order lenghts

We also offer our common and best-selling cables in cut-to-order lenghts for your own assembly. You can freely choose the lengths and our cutting service is of course free of charge.los.

HEDI PRCD-S Verlängerungsleitung

What do I need a personal protection device for?

The mobile personal protection device (PRCD-S) with simultaneous protective conductor detection offers you the best possible safety on the construction site. In its DGUV-I 203-006, the employers' liability insurance association calls for the use of mobile personal protection devices to protect tradespeople or workers.

The PRCD-S enables the safe extraction of current from existing sockets and is plugged between the consumer and the socket like an extension cable.

We would be happy to configure cable reels with a built-in PRCD-S for you according to your individual requirements. Contact us!


Everything at a glance - with the HEDI LED.ZOOM, the magnifying glass and machine light

Machine luminaires DUO-variants

HEDI Icon Punktstrahl


HEDI Maschinenleuchte Breitstrahl
HEDI LED Maschinenlampe ML1206DUO

Splash-proof and dust-proof

LED pro!

Limitlessly flexible

Workbench light

How to find the right lamp! Compare our bestsellers quickly and at a glance:

LED Pro! (Point beam)
LED Pro! (Broad beam)
LED-Workbench light

230 V / 12 V DC / 6 Watt

230 V / 12 V / 9 Watt

230 V / 12 V / 10 Watt

230 V / 12 V / 6 Watt


LED wide

LED point

LED wide

LED wide

Illuminance (1 meter)

95 Lux

3.350 Lux

400 Lux

100% – 302 Lux

60% – 178 Lux

35% – 108 Lux

Beam angle

120 °

60 °


160 °

Light color

6.000 K

6.400 K

6.500 K

6.500 K


Protection class II

Protection class II

Protection class II

Protection class II

Luminous flux

550 Lumens

1.140 Lumen

1.170 Lumen

100 % – 815 Lumen

60% – 489 Lumen

35% – 285 Lumenen

Item number





HEDI table clamp

Supplied with each HEDI workbench and machine luminaire:

With the practical table clamp, every machine and workbench lamp from HEDI can be attached to a drawing table, workbench, desk or machine. With the help of the fixed lamp you can work precisely and precisely without the lamp shifting or even falling off. The table clamp is connected to the lamp via a magnet in the lamp base.

HEDI Tischklemme für Maschienenleuchten und Werkbankleuchten


Our product range is supplemented by a comprehensive selection of accessories. All accessories and spare parts promise high durability and tested quality.

HEDI Aufhängung CableFix

HEDI Cable Fix

The HEDI CableFix is ​​the clever and practical solution for tying, hanging and carrying e.g. cables, wires, cable drums and hoses.

HEDI Klettband für Verlängerungskabel

HEDI Klettband

With the HEDI hook-and-loop tape you can fix extension cables quickly and easily. This makes transporting the cable easier and prevents knotting.

HEDI 3-fach Hängekupplung

Plugs and couplings

We offer you a large selection of different plugs and couplings. Discover adapters, couplings and plugs 250 V or 400 V as well as 3-way or 4-way suspension coupling and adapter cables for the camping season. Wall and built-in sockets are also available from us.

HEDI Katalog Prospekt

Discover our products and offers

You can now conveniently access our catalogs and brochures. Always be up to date, by accessing our Oxomi portal you always have the latest versions of our articles, catalogs and advertising materials at hand.

Interested in our products? Contact us. We will submit you to one of our trading partners located beneath you or advise you on our products.

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