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StarLite all-plastic cable reel:



HEDI Kunststoff Kabeltrommel StarLite

Cable reel "StarLite"

The HEDI StarLite is our clever lightweight fully isolated plastic cable reel for home and craftsmen. The StarLite also convinces with its full insulation and lightness in the private sector or when gardening. At the same time, it offers an optimal price-performance ratio.

Facts and figures:

  • Drum diameter: 255 mm
  • 4-fach Schutzkontakt-Steckdose
  • Thermal circuit breaker
  • ergonomic handle, plug-in parking station, rotation stop switch
  • use only in a dry environment
  • also available as an empty drum
  • IP20
  • Art. Nr.: K0Y25PT

Equipment cable reel "StarLite"

Serves as a cable extension from the socket to the work device

HEDI Gerätekabeltrommel StarLite

The product advantages of the "StarLite"

HEDI Kabeltrommel StarLite Rückseite


The comfortable handle, the feet and the back of the cable reel are made from one piece. This not only ensures a quiet wearing comfort, but also a high level of stability.

HEDI Kabeltrommel Rotationsstoppschalter


The rotation stop switch is located on the back of the drum body and ensures that the drum is securely locked, for example during transport.

HEDI Kabeltrommel StarLite Steckerparkstation


The plug parking station ensures that the cable and plug are securely fixed during transport.

Which advantages come with a equipment cable reel?

Equipment reels are inverted cable reels. The reel remains in place while the connection coupling is unrolled. This is very practical, especially for gardening, roof work or on scaffoldings, because the position of the cable drum does not have to be changed during work. We recommend the combination of equipment cable reel and slip ring (available with our Generation 7 cable drums) for even less complicated work.

More space

Equipment reels offer a real advantage, especially when space is very tight. The reel remains on the ground and only the connection cable is taken along. Ideal e.g. for facade scaffolding. Multiple devices can also be conveniently connected using multiple couplings.

HEDI 3-fach Hängekupplung

For more mobility

The equipment reels are also the ideal companion for gardening work. Connect e.g. the hedge trimmer and walk comfortably up and down the hedge without having to move the cable reel.

HEDI Gerätekabeltrommel StarLite

Schutz vor Überhitzung

When working in direct sunlight or heat such as roof work, cable reels can quickly activate the thermal protection under full load. This can be easily avoided with equipment reels, as the reel can be placed in a cool room or in the shade and only the cable is taken into the warm areas.

HEDI Gerätekabeltrommel Professional

Any questions? Contact us. We are happy to help!

The StarLite fully-isolated plastic cable reels are available in the following cable versions:

HEDI Meterware

PVC cable (H05VV-F), black

This cable is only approved and used in dry rooms and environments.

Available in the following cable lengths and diameters:

  • 25 m (Art. Nr. K0Y25PT)
  • 35 m (Art. Nr. K0Y30PT)
  • 40 m (Art. Nr. K0Y40PT)
  • 50 m (Art. Nr. K0Y50PT)
HEDI PVC-Leitung rot

PVC cable (H05VV-F), red

This cable is only approved and used in dry rooms and environments.

  • 25 m (Art. Nr. K0Y25PT010)
  • 35 m (Art. Nr. K0Y35PT010)
  • 40 m (Art. Nr. K0Y40PT010)
  • 50 m (Art. Nr. K0Y50PT010)

You can find more information about our line types in our FAQ!

HEDI Kunststoff Kabeltrommel StarLite
HEDI Kabeltrommel StarLite

Entdecken Sie auch unser weiteres Angebot an Kabeltrommeln für den ständigen Einsatz in trockener Umgebung:

HEDI Kabelbox Leitungsroller Übersicht

HEDI cable box

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