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HEDI machine luminaire LED pro: ML1209, ML24V09, ML1210B

Don't work in the dark!

Thanks to the shock-, dust- and splash-proven design, the HEDI machine lights LED Pro is a real all-rounder for direct use on machines. Due to the very low energy consumption, there is no heating of the illuminated object or the illuminated area.

Metallschlauch Maschienenleuchten und Werkbankleuchten


The rubber-coated metal joint neck for very long service life. At the same time, it continuous adjustments of the lamp to almost any position - and also remains in this position.

HEDI LED-Maschinenleuchte LEDPRO!

Splash-water protected and dustproof

The shock-proof, splash-proof and dust-proof design ideally suites for direct use on machines and workbenches.

HEDI Maschinenleuchte LED pro!

Optimal lighting of the workpiece

Thanks to the processed LED technology, optimal illumination in daylight quality is ensured without heating the illuminated object.

HEDI Maschinenleuchte LED PRO!

Precise - the machine light LED pro point beam!

The point-beam version delivers focused light

/ LED Spotlight

/ 1.140 Lumen

/ Light color 6.400 K

/ 230V or 24V
/ Illuminance 3.350 Lux (1 meter)
/ Beam angle 60°
/ Protection class II, TÜV / GS tested
/ Länge Flexschlauch: 500 mm
/ Interface suppression acc, DIN EN 62493
/ Protection class: IP64
/ Guarantee: 3 Years
/ Item number: ML1209
HEDI Icon Punktstrahl
HEDI Led pro! Maschinenleuchte ML1210B

Broadly positioned - the LED pro machine light

The wide-beam version provides wide-area light.

/ LED wide beam
/ 1.170 Lumen
/ Light color: 6,500 K
/ 230V
/ Illuminance 400 Lux (1 meter)
/ Beam angle 150°
/ Protection class II, TÜV / GS tested
/ Länge Flexschlauch: 500 mm
/ Interface suppression acc, DIN EN 62493
/ Protection class: IP64
/ Guarantee: 3 Years
/ Item number: ML1210B
HEDI Maschinenleuchte Breitstrahl


Smaller base, stronger magnet (holding force of new magnet 320 N, holding force of previous magnet 150 N) and improved release mechanism.

Downloads for this product

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Discover our entire range of working- and machine lamps

HEDI LED ZOOM Lupenleuchte

LED Magnifying lamp


HEDI LED-Werkbankleuchte ML1209FLED

LED-Workbench light

HEDI LED-Maschinenleuchte ML1206DUO

LED DUO-Ausführungen


LED-Maschinenleuchte ML1206LED

LED-Machine light

ML1206, ML1203

Supplied with each HEDI workbench ans machine luminaire:

The standard scope of delivery of our machine and workbench lights includes the solidly screwed magnet in the base of the luminaire, the table clamp and four screws for direct mounting on a workbench. The combination of magnet and table clamp enables the lamp to be used in a highly flexible manner.

HEDI Tischklemme für Maschinenleuchten

Table clamp

Thanks to the table clamp, the machine lamp can be attached to tables, workbenches or drawing tables without leaving any residue. Since the upper plate of the table clamp is made of metal, the machine lamp is simply placed on it. Everything is securely held together by the integrated magnet in the machine lamp.

HEDI Leuchtensockel Maschinenleuchte

Holding magnet

A strong magnet is screwed into the base of the machine lamp. This not only enables simple attachment to the table clamp supplied, but also direct, residue-free attachment to machines, tool boxes and similar metallic surfaces. If the magnet should interfere, only one screw needs to be removed - the magnet can be removed.

HEDI Leuchtensockel Maschinenleuchte


The scope of delivery includes four screws (chipboard 4.0 x 50) for direct mounting on the workbench. By countersinking the screws in the luminaire's drill channels, an invisible screw connection is possible - at the same time you avoid accidentally getting stuck on the screw head.

HEDI Tischklemme mit Magnet


The table clamp can be ordered as an accessory. For example, you can equip several workplaces with the brackets at low cost and swap the machine and workbench lights back and forth as required. Thanks to the tool-free attachment via the holding magnet, this can be done quickly and easily.

LED machine light LED pro! : Frequently asked questions

What is an LED machine light used for?

An LED machine luminaire is designed to illuminate machines in industry or workshops. They are designed to be very robust. The HEDI LED pro! machine light offers IP64 and is dust-tight. With the magnet, the LED pro! can be very easily attached to any metallic surface and thus illuminate the workplace at the machine with pinpoint accuracy.

Which different versions of the LED machine light LED pro are available?

HEDI offers three different versions of the LED pro! machine light. The ML1209 emits a spot beam, just like the ML24V09. The ML1209 has a 230 V plug, while the ML24V09 can be integrated directly into machines with a 24 V socket. The ML1210B produces wide beam light and is connected via a 230 V plug.

Which accessories are suitable of LED machine luminaires?

Replacement bulbs and replacement holding magnets are available as spare parts for the LED DUO machine light. In addition, a second table clamp is very useful to be able to use a machine luminaire at several workplaces. A table clamp is included with every machine light.

Is the light source of the LED machine light LED pro! replaceable?

No, the light source of the LED pro! machine light is not replaceable.

Is the ballast of the LED machine light LED pro! replaceable?

Yes, the ballast of the LED machine light LED pro! can be replaced by a qualified electrician. Instructions for replacing the ballast unit can be found at the Downloads for this product or under Operating instructions.

Ist die HEDI LED Maschinenleuchte LED pro! dimmbar?

No, the LED pro! from HEDI is not dimmable.

HEDI Katalog Prospekt

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