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HEDI Magnifying light: ML1206LU38D

Be creative and work precisely with the HEDI LED Zoom work light

Practising a hobby, creative work, handicrafts, sewing - everything is easier and more accurate with the right equipment! Our HEDI LED Zoom work light with the integrated magnification function helps you to recognise the smallest parts and to work precisely. Two different magnification areas with up to 3x magnification are available. Thanks to the low-shadow ring lighting, you can concentrate on the essentials and your work and work without shadows or glare.

Perfect illumination of the workpiece

Two zoom levels integrated in the glass

Light with little shadow

3x magnification

The small lens has a diameter of 20 mm and has a higher magnification.

1.75x magnification

The regular enlargement area with a diameter of 90 mm offers a comfortable work surface.

Low shadow ring lighting

Concentrate on the essentials and don't let yourself be unnecessarily distracted by shadows and shifts in light.

Everything in view - with the HEDI LED Zoom magnifying lamp!

Our LED.ZOOM light can be used anywhere where you need both light and occasional magnification. Thanks to a low-shadow light modeled on daylight and two zoom levels, it is perfect for workshops, control workstations, laboratories and your hobby. Thanks to the infinitely adjustable, stable flexible hose, the position can be adjusted quickly and easily.

Two zoom levels:
Ø 90 mm: 1.75 times magnification (3 dioptres)
Ø 20 mm: 3 times magnification (8 dioptres)
550 Lumens
Light color 6.000 K
Illuminance 95 Lux (1 meter)
Beam angle 120°
Protection class II
Flexible hose length:
600 mm
Total height: 900 mm
HEDI LED ZOOM Arbeitsleuchte

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HEDI LED-Werkbankleuchte

LED-Workbench light


HEDI Maschinenleuchte LED PRO!

LED-Machine light

LED pro!

Mounting options included!

The standard scope of delivery of our machine and workbench lights includes the solidly screwed magnet in the base of the light, the table clamp and four screws for direct mounting on a workbench. The combination of magnet and table clamp enables the lamp to be used in a highly flexible manner.

Table clamp

Tischklemme für Maschinenleuchten

Thanks to the table clamp, the machine lamp can be attached to tables, workbenches or drawing tables without leaving any residue. Since the upper plate of the table clamp is made of metal, the machine lamp is simply placed on it. Everything is securely held together by the integrated magnet in the machine lamp.

Holding magnet

Leuchtensockel Maschinenleuchte

A strong magnet is screwed into the base of the machine lamp. This not only enables simple attachment to the table clamp supplied, but also direct, residue-free attachment to machines, tool boxes and similar metallic surfaces. If the magnet should interfere, only one screw needs to be removed - the magnet can be removed.


Leuchtensockel Maschinenleuchte

The scope of delivery includes four screws (chipboard 4.0 x 50) for direct mounting on the workbench. By countersinking the screws in the luminaire's drill channels, an invisible screw connection is possible - at the same time you avoid accidentally getting stuck on the screw head.



The table clamp can be ordered as an accessory. For example, you can equip several workplaces with the brackets at low cost and swap the machine and workbench lights back and forth as required. Thanks to the tool-free attachment via the holding magnet, this can be done quickly and easily.

The holding magnet is available as a spare part.

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