Machine Lamps and Workbench Lamps

Our assortment of machine workbench lamps offers for all application the right solution:

  • LED magnification lamp with two lenses
  • Lamps with different degrees of protection up to IP 64
  • Lamps with different bulbs (fluorescent tube, halogen, LED)
  • Lamps with spot beam or wide-beam design
  • Lamps in combined point and wide beam versions (DUO versions)

All lamps are always supplied with a holding magnet and a table clamp.

  • machine lamps DUO
  • machine lamp LEDpro!

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HEDI Workbench Lamp - LED version

Art. no. ML1209FLED

The new LED workbench lamp impresses with its unlimited flexibility. With three brightness levels, it is mainly used where a larger surface of a workplace needs good lighting. The lamp head has three joints and a 600 mm long flexible hose and can therefore be brought into any required positions. It is also posssible to inspect the illuminated object directly from above through the lamp.

Data Values
Illuminant: 9 watts / LED wide
Beam angle: 160°
Luminous colour: 6.300 K
Protection class: II; IP20
Connecting cable: approx. 3m H05RN-F 2x1,0
Lighting levels: 100% (525 lumens), 60% (301 lumens), 35% (179 lumens)
Illuminance (1m): 100% (302 lux), 60 % (178 lux), 35% (108 lux)

HEDI magnifying lamp LED ZOOM

HEDI breaks new ground in the lighting sector!

The HEDI LED ZOOM was especially developed for measuring, control and testing stations as well as workbench workstations.

With 550 lumen at a consumption of 6 watts LED module: 12 V DC Beam angle: 120°. Illuminance (1m): 95 Lux Light colour: 6,000 K Protection class: II Type of protection: IP 20 Connection cable: 3m H05RN-F 2×1mm² with moulded central contour plug

Delivery incl. connection cable and plug-in power supply as well as holding magnet and table clamp

The luminaire has two integrated lenses: Ø 90 mm: 3 diopter (1.75x magnification) Ø 20 mm: 8 diopter (3x magnification) Total height light: 900 mm

The LED ZOOM has a symmetrical light distribution so that the object in view is evenly illuminated. The big advantage is that you always have a daylight-like light and there is no heating of the workpiece to be illuminated (thus no change in the material. No measuring errors can occur due to the influence of heat). Absolutely flicker and flicker-free light, with homogeneous, shadow-free illumination through specially developed glass.

An extremely robust flexible tube (height: 600 mm) makes the LED ZOOM an individually usable light.

PDF - HEDI Machine lamps - 786 kB

LED machine lamps and workbench lamps - illuminants in "work-white" and "warm-white"

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