The new HEDI all-plastic cable reel

Extremely sturdy, stable and safe – our highest demands combined in one cable reel

For more than 45 years HEDI cable reels have been convincing with their long service life, high safety standards and user-friendly design.

The regular product developements ensure that HEDI cable reels always meet the current growing (safety) requirements of the customers or are even one step ahead.

Through the intensive exchange with users and customers as well as the many years of experience and know-how of HEDI product developement, the 7th cable reel generation has now been crated: All-plastic cable reel HEDI Generation 7

Anyone who has to rely on their cable reel for every work assignment knows exactly that maximum safety means everything. That is why we have developed the new HEDI cable reel Generation 7 in all-plastic design.

Pretty unusual and pretty smart design The new HEDI Generation 7 with centre of gravity shifted to the rear by design by inclination of the cable reel by approx. 7° degrees.

For you, this means

  • enormous sturdiness
  • more ground clearance (reduction of the risk of injury)
  • improved view of the socket insert
  • Optimum drainage of wetness
  • highest stability and wearing comfort

And on this we give a 3 year manufacturer's warranty. You can find more information on the subject of manufacturer warranties in our "download area":/en/service/downloads.html


  • Constructive adjustment of the center of gravity to the rear by approx. 7° degrees. Thus more ground clearance, better view of the socket insert and misture can drain better.
  • Enormous sturdiness and stability due to specially developed plastic (glass fibre reinforced)

Safety in wet conditions

The design with inclined position and drainage grooves provides a maximum of safety, as water and moisture can drain off at any time, even when the reel is in a horizontal position.

Carrying handle

Newly developed ergonomic carrying handle with a unique 2-component soft-touch for more carrying comfort

Large rotary handle

  • Large rotary handle with a unique and non-slip 2-component soft-touch and folding function
  • Individual right- and left-hand operation when winding and unwinding the cable

Optimum cable guidance

  • Perfectly guided cable due to specially designed reel body
  • Integrated kink protection when winding the cable

Cable bracket and guide

  • Two functions rolled into one: Removable cable bracket and guide
  • With crush zone when the reel falls over

Rotation stop swich

Tried and tested countless times - the HEDI rotation stop switch for locking the reel body

Socket insert

  • Now as a standard feature: splash-waterproof socket insert with four Schuko sockets
  • Proven diagnostic system HEDI DiagS: Readiness of the cable reel at a glance

Cable reel base

  • Cable reel base made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic for maximum stability
  • Additional stabilisation of the cable reel when winding and unwinding the cable over three treads

Wall mounting

Practical wall mounting of the cable reel through holes on the rear side

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