Cable Reels and Cable Boxes

We offer quality on the whole line with our standard cable reels HEDI StarLite, HEDI Primus, HEDI Professional and HEDI Professional Plus.

All cable reels - whether "Generation 7", "StarLite", "Primus", "Professional" or "Professional Plus" convince by their own design and the high-quality processing.

Our cable reels the "Generation 7", "StarLite", "Primus" and "Professional" are equipped with the following features: Plug parking position, rotation stop switch and ergonomic handle. Further, all HEDI steel sheet reels are fully connected to earth and, by this, offer the highest safety during every operation!

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The cable reels "Professional plus" convice with the following features: Large drums, ergonomic handle, parking brake, swing handle, extremely stable supporting frame.

Many of our cable reels we can also offer you with the various national plug-in systems.

By the way: We produce all cable reels ourselves at our production location in Babenhausen, Germany.

Some technical and legal information about our cable drums can be found in our FAQ for cable reels.

An overview of our cable reel range and the individual application areas is also available: Cable reels overview


The Generation 7

The next generation is here! Enormously stable and safe - our highest demands combined in one cable reel. This all-plastic reel is made for handcraft, industry and special applications.

All information about our newly developed HEDI full plastic cable drum Generation 7 can be found here.

Cable Boxes

The small cable boxes for indoor use are attractively designed and handy. The housings are made from high-quality, unbreakable plastic, the cables are easy to unroll and rewind. The cable boxes are equipped with 4 VDE-certified socket outlets and integrated overload protection. Also available are practical cable box retainers to fix the box to walls and workshop trolleys.

PDF - HEDI Cable boxes - 123 kB

Cable Reels – AC - 250 V

HEDI StarLite, Primus and Professional Reels for all applications!

Cable Reels – Three-phase AC - 400 V

HEDI Professional Plus Reels for special applications!

Equipment cable reels

Cable reel 3×16 A

Made from plastic or sheet steel, the Professional cable reels are equipped with an ergonomic carrying handle, plug parking station and rotation stop switch. Due to their low centre of gravity, they are extremely stable and can be used both vertically and horizontally. They are equipped with 1 CEE socket 3x16 A, 2 Schuko sockets and an overload protection in accordance with VDE standard.

Cable reels with pressure-water-thight plugs and sockets

Made of plastic, the cable reel is equipped with an ergonomic carrying handle, screwable parking brake and hinged rotary handle. It can be used in vertical or horizontal position. Due to the low centre of gravity, the reel is extremely stable. It is equipped with 3 VDE-approved Schuko sockets and overload protection or 3 VDE-approved Schuko sockets, overload protection and integrated residual current device (RCD). Connector plugs and sockets are constructed in accordance with protection class IP67.

PDF - Cable reels DWD - 1 MB

Compressed-air hose reel

The compressed-air hose reels in plastic or steel-sheet version are delivered with bush socket and quick-release coupling. Optionally, they can be equipped with a distributor. They are also equipped with an ergonomic carrying handle and a rotation stop switch. The reel can be used in vertical or horizontal position. Its low centre of gravity makes it extremely stable.

Spring-loaded reels in compressed-air or electrical version

The spring-loaded reels in compressed-air or electrical version are charac-terized by a rugged closed housing for use in areas that are exposed to dust and dirt. Its hinged bracket, that can be swivelled through 150°, can be in-stalled at a wall or a ceiling. The locking system permits the compressed-air hose / electrical cable to be locked in virtually any position. A light pull at hose / cable releases the lock. This permits hose or cable to be wound up rapidly after use.

PDF - HEDI Spring loaded reels - 271 kB

Spare parts and cable printing by HEDI

PDF - Cable reels - spare parts - 143 kB

PDF - Cable printing by HEDI - 589 kB